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FORM PROCESSOR PRO - processing your web form
Product Info
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Form Processor Pro


Form Mail Script

* Works with any web forms
* Min changes to existent fom
* SPAM protection
* 40+ field validations
* 15+ user input modifiers
* User-friendly messages
* HTML and plain text emails
* Payment gateways
* Databases support
* Mathematical calculations
* If condition forms
* Multi-page forms
* Attachments support
* File uploading validation
* Back & Edit feature
* Full control of style & design
* Hosts on your server

Product Overview

Mail Form: Email Form Processor Pro is a tool used to gather feedback and client's information on your web sites. With over 12,000 users worldwide, Form Processor Pro offers a mass of useful features to take full advantage of your web site forms. The simplest thing Form Processor Pro can do is send information from web forms to email addresses andsave it to a CSV file, and into your database. In short, Mail Form: Form Processor Pro is a perfect solution to:

* gather and sort information from feedback forms, contact and support forms;
* handle application forms and inquiry forms on your web site, save filled data to a database;
* process order forms, perform calculations on multi-page forms;
* organize registration forms, evaluation forms and many more.

Form Processor Pro is easy to use: first, build your web forms using your favorite HTML editor (Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or any other), and then just edit configuration file to make web forms do what you want. You don't have to know programming, just follow the instructions from the Form Processor Pro manual. If you already have web forms on your site, you don't need to create new ones - Form Processor Pro can handle any forms. ( What if I don't have an HTML editor? )

Form Processor Pro is secure and spam-proof, featured with auto responder, preview and thank you pages. It supports file attachments, html and plain text sending, plus many other useful features. Form Processor Pro works finely with complex shopping cart forms with multi page forms, logs, and checkout features. In addition, with this one form-to-email script you can process unlimited number of web forms.

Form Maker Pro


Form Suite

Create html forms for you site with Form Maker Pro, a fully featured web form generator with formmail (formprocessor) Easy-to-use web interface, demo, many useful features. Check it now!


Product Overview

You've got an excellent idea to add web forms to your site, but you don't have form-maker software? No problem. With Form Maker Pro you can build and set up great web forms using your web browser. You need an order form with check out? Multiple page form with calculations? Contact form? Easy. Use presets and have your form ready in minutes!

Why Form Maker Pro? Comprehensive list of features, no monthly fees (one-time payment), free from ads and banners. With user-friendly graphical front-end, Form Maker Pro is easy-to-use even for a novice. Form Maker Pro gives you the full power of Form Processor Pro with the ability to generate even the most complicated web forms.

Customer Service Software

Helprace is a customer service software that offers a scalable community built for accommodating your user base and guiding customer communication.


Customer Quote

Your Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro is Fantastic! Had it up and running in no time. I originally got it to do simple forms but now I can do so much more in the way of on-line processing, pre-submission previews, mulitple auto responders and calculations. It's really going to enhance my web communications! Keep up the good work!

Daniel Loftus, Comark, Inc., USA

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